Success in any endeavor is more than the execution of a good design.  It is taking a project from concept to reality with perspective and predictive vision, active participation, and accountability. 

Our design capabilities

Analysis and Modeling

  • Finite element analysis for structural mechanics, vibration, fluids and thermal systems

  • Thermal design, static and dynamic thermal analysis

  • Failure analysis and yield improvement

  • Tolerance and mechanical stack up analysis

  • FMEA Studies

Tools and Processes

  • Use of multiple mechanical engineering and CAD packages (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, COSMOS, EPD, CAM350, LabView, Solid Matlab, Mathematica, Cosmos Designer, Pro/ENGINEER, etc.)

Product Design

  • System design, modeling and simuation

  • DFM (Design for Manufacturability, Assembly, Serviceability)

  • Strong emphasis on robustness and manufacturability

  • Precision/Complex Mechanism Design, Plastic and Injection Molded Part Design, Mold Design, Machined Part Design, EDM Part Design, Extruded Part Design

  • EPD System

Electrical Circuit Design

  • Full lifecycle circuit designs (12+ layer boards)

  • Custom analog measurement circuitry

  • Power circuitry designs, portable power, battery backed systems

  • RF and infrared design capabilities including RFID, mixers, antennas, amplifiers

  • OrCAD, PADS, Autocad, EPD

Mechanical Design

  • Design of complex electro-mechanical systems

  • Mechanical System Concept and Architecture Development

  • Strong emphasis on robustness and manufacturability

  • Extensive experience designing for rapid prototyping and volume production